The LABCI Chile organising committee is pleased to invite you to participate in our XVII International Conference.
Our world is changing faster than ever and, as “Culturas”, we would like to respond to these emerging needs. We have agreed that the theme for this year Conference is “Immersing Culturas in a Global Environment”.

Proposals to offer talks, SIGs, workshops and poster exhibitions in any of the following areas are welcomed:

  • New knowledges and innovation in ELT
  • Inclusion, diversity and special needs
  • Life Skills in language teaching and learning
  • Culture and the community
  • Any other related topics


  • All presentations must have a length of 45 minutes.
  • We recommend you leave 10 minutes for questions if the presentation is not interactive.
  • We will only receive online forms.
  • Closing date for speaker proposal forms is 30 December 2018.
All proposals will have three parts: a 10-word title, a 50-word abstract, and a 300-word session description. The title and abstract will appear in the Conference programme, but the session description will only be read by the reviewers. The title should be typed in Arial 14 in BLOCK CAPITALS and the abstract in Arial 12.
The abstract cannot contain references to the presenter(s) published works or reveal the presenter(s) name(s). All parts of your proposal should be carefully written and proofread.
Although the proposals should respond to the themes of the Conference, we are open to receive and evaluate proposals on other topics.
The Selecting Committee will not accept proposals which promote or sell products or services of the speakers or others.


Details of presenter(s)

Joint presenter(s) if relevant

Presenter bio data

words. Please limit to 50 words or less.

Title of the presentation
Type of presentation
Abstract for the programme

words. Please limit to 50 words or less.

Summary for the selection committee

words. Please limit to 300 words or less.

Required information

Audience / Materials Focus

The presentation is for an

The presentation focuses on

Are you speaking on behalf of

Standard equipment available in rooms
  • Data Show Projector
  • Computer / Laptop
  • Speakers
  • Wi-fi


• We regret that we cannot accept proposals that are emailed, scanned or incomplete.

• Closing date for speaker proposal forms is 30 December 2018

• Acceptance of proposals will be announced by LABCI Chile by the second week in January 2019

• All presenters whose proposals are accepted will have to register and pay for the conference fee. This process will be open as from December 1st 2018.